So... you've decided to take on the fun filled hobby of backyard chicken nurturing?


I'm sure by now you've purchased a batch of baby chickens from your neighborhood pet shop or expo centre and introduced them into your house with joy and delight. Everyday you've fed them and played with them and loved just watching them chirp and make a mess of themselves. For weeks you've sat there and watched them grow, but you've realized that they are simply too big to have inside your home in those empty milk cartons or fish aquariums that you're using to keep them in. You've figured it's time to build a chicken coop and we couldn't agree more.

The issue is...

You've got a mesmerizingly, fully landscaped backyard in which you've poured in every last drop of sweat to grow and maintain; and the last thing you need to do now is ruin your yard by permanently creating a chicken coop that will tarnish the aesthetics of your home and garden. At exactly the exact same time you realize this, your small flock of chickens are growing and getting way too big to keep indoors and since you've become rather attached to the small chicks by now, it would be too painful to give them away. Well, the response to your problems is quite simple. . .what you need is a Moveable Chicken Coop.

The Moveable Chicken Coop

Moveable chicken coops are like chicken coops on wheels. Literally. Though not so popular amongst the hardcore chicken breeders of the world which tend to build chicken coops of a large scale for hundreds of poultry and thick egg layers, the moveable chicken coop was an invention an american dad created after a significant storm, with hurricane like winds, hit a small town. After the storm knocked down a number of his coconut trees and demolished most of his livestock and plants, he was required to move the chicken coop to other areas of the yard to be able to clean up the mess. Since it was an almost impossible task to actually lift up the coop with all its weight and relocate it elsewhere, he came up with the genius idea of installing wheels into the base of the chicken coop so that it would be easily rolled to any destination in his lawn. This idea was such a success in his regular chicken increasing and nurturing lifestyle that from that moment on, every chicken coop he ever built was a moveable chicken coop.

Moveable Chicken Coop Perks

With moveable chicken coops, you won't ever have to worry about having a permanent structure in your garden ever again. If you wish to keep your moveable chicken coop closer to your porch throughout the winter for easy access for feeding and cleaning, you can do so. If during the spring you'd rather show off your beautiful sprouting backyard to your family and friends without having your chicken coop in the way, tarnishing the beauty of your backyard. . .no issue. Just simply roll your moveable chicken coop to another place in the yard where it's most fitting. Even if a significant hurricane threatens your area, using a moveable chicken coop, you will easily be able to roll it to a safer position like your garage if you have the space, or even inside your barn if you reside in a farm home.