You might want to consider following the list of things below as guidelines when it comes to building a chicken coop or constructing any poultry accommodation. Doing so will ensure your chicken house ends up a successful endeavour.

Before you continue reading there are a few important elements worth taking into consideration about building a chicken coop. You WILL save money building your own, buying readymade anything in this day and age works out to be exceptionally costly, and a pre-built chicken coop is no exception.

Whatever avenue you finally choose; you will end up using tools for the construction. A pre-built chicken coop tends to come in flat pack form and needs you to assemble it. On top of this is the actual time it takes you to decode the instructions and hope it all fits. Or you could ask someone to help or do it for you.

Building a chicken coop provides you total flexibility, which lets you optimise key components to suit yours and your chickens needs.

Finally you would want to source your designs from a reputable source, but there are certain factors which will still need to be taken into consideration.

Coop Design and Appearance:

Try and consider aesthetics in regard to your poultry house place; after all you don't want to upset any neighbors if you have any with an unpleasant appearing or wrongly located coop that may possibly hamper land or put off prospective buyers etc.. Maintain your coops appeal by maintaining its surrounding borders, so it blends into the landscape rather than stands out, why not think of a wonderful colour scheme for the roof where possible.

Coop Practicality:

When you are building your chickens coop you will want to use only premium quality timbers and materials as this will pay dividends further down the road and save even more money by reducing running repairs and chicken home maintenance. Try and think of the cleaning aspects and how best to make it readily cleanable either by holes for water to run through or sloping floors etc with water escapes for when you are hosing out.

Coop Predators and Hazards:

Always try and build your coop on a raised level rather than sitting on dirt or grass as this will only add to rotting problems. Also try and get a good amount of sunlight on it as this will keep it nice and dry, even after a rain shower; so place where it will get loads of sun. This keeps a certain amount of warmth in the coop and helps poultry pets remain warm during the night.

Coop Liveability:

It is paramount to be certain your chickens stay happy and more-so healthy. There are many improvements ' that you can add or make to their living quarters so as to achieve this. Chickens are susceptible to the elements much the same as people and it's necessary to consider them in this way.

You can help by adding things such as insulation to the walls of the coop to prevent cold drafts and damp winds blowing through. They will want and need venting, but not so it disrupts their surroundings too much. It needs to be stated here that a damp chicken environment can and will cause your chickens ill health. Cold they can handle as long as they don't get damp.

Coop Lighting:

Natural light is the best response here so be sure and have the coops window facing south where it will get most light and organic warmth especially in the winter season. Additionally, there are some chicken keepers that have installed electric lighting in the apex of the coops roof as this will keep the chickens laying eggs throughout the year, there are an effective version of lights which may be used depending on the size and type of coop which you are building.

Coop Chicken Feeding Tip:

This is more of a tip than anything else, but it can save you plenty of frustration. Chickens tend to knock everything with their feet this includes food and feeders.

An ideal solution to save with a continuous mess on the coop floor is to raise the feeders and waterers to the height of thepoultry pets shoulder, this way they can simply get their heads in the feeders rather than their feet also. Be sure waterers are kept clean and topped up with fresh clean water.